Tooth Extractions Arvada

A tooth may need to be extracted due to extensive damage from cavities, periodontal disease and bone loss, or a fracture that cannot be repaired. Other teeth may need to be removed because of poor positioning, such as impacted wisdom teeth, or in preparation for braces and orthodontic treatment. Dr. Haupt and the AVOS surgical team want you to have a relaxing and comfortable experience and go the extra mile to relieve any stress you may have.

Tooth Extraction Process

Many patients choose to have a tooth removed under some type of sedation. While IV sedation allows maximum patient comfort, other sedation and anesthesia options are available and will be discussed with you during your consultation appointment.

There are numerous surgical techniques to remove a tooth and are based on the anatomy of the tooth and surrounding bone. Dr. Haupt utilize minimally invasive procedures to help minimize postop discomfort and expedite the recovery process.

After Tooth Extraction

For details on home care after tooth extraction, see the page “After Extractions” under “Surgical Instructions” OR click here.

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