Dental Implants Arvada

What are dental implants?


To fully understand what a dental implant is, it is important to understand the basic anatomy of a natural tooth. Generally speaking, a tooth is made up of a root that is anchored in bone underneath the gum tissue, and a crown, which is the white part of the tooth that is used to chew and function. When a tooth is missing or lost due to cavities, gum disease, or trauma, a dental implant serves as the root which will replace the missing tooth. A custom crown is then designed and fabricated to fit on top of the implant. Together they provide natural function and a healthy smile.

Dental Implant Technology

At Avos Dental Specialists, we use the most up-to-date technology and surgical techniques, such as Cone Beam CT (CBCT) x-rays and 3D printed surgical guides. With these technological advancements, Dr. Haupt is able to place immediate dental implants following the removal of a single tooth or multiple teeth. This helps minimize additional surgical procedures, requiring fewer recovery periods and ultimately reducing the overall treatment time.

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