After Placement of Dental Implants

Please follow the instructions below for optimum success of your dental implant.


Some bleeding or redness in the saliva is normal for 24 to 48 hours. Excessive bleeding (your mouth fills rapidly with blood) can be controlled by biting on a gauze pad placed directly on theĀ bleeding wound for 30 minutes. If bleeding continues profusely, please call for further instructions.


Swelling is a normal occurrence after surgery and typically peaks 24 to 48 hours after surgery. To minimize swelling apply an ice bag, or a plastic bag or towel filled with ice, on the cheek in the area of surgery. Apply the ice continuously, as much as possible, for the first 48 hours.

Keep your head elevated for the first 48 hours. We recommend sleeping with several additional pillows behind your back and head to help keep your head elevated and minimize swelling.


It is very important that you do not eat on the side of implant placement. Eat soft foods on the opposite side for the first three weeks. Anything that can easily be cut with a fork is generally soft enough to eat. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid hot liquids or food for the first week.


You should begin taking pain medication before the local anesthesia wears off. If prescribed, take ibuprofen every 6 hours for the first two days, then take it every 6 hours as needed. For moderate to severe pain, Dr. Haupt may prescribe Norco (hydrocodone/acetaminophen), which you can take every 6 hours, as needed.


Antibiotics are commonly prescribed, but are not required for every case. If Dr. Haupt prescribes an antibiotic, please take it as indicated on the bottle.

Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is essential to good healing. Brush your teeth starting the night of surgery but be gentle initially while brushing the surgical areas. The night of surgery, use the prescribed Peridex (chlorhexidine) Oral Rinse after brushing your teeth. The day after surgery, the Peridex should be used twice daily; after breakfast and before bed. Be sure to rinse for at least 30 seconds then spit it out. Warm salt water rinses (one teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water) can be used at least 4-5 times a day as well, especially after meals.


Keep physical activities to a minimum for the first three days after surgery. If you exercise, throbbing or bleeding may occur. If this occurs, you should discontinue exercising. You may begin light cardio exercises three days after surgery and heavy lifting five days after surgery.

Wearing your Prosthesis

If you normally wear a partial denture, flipper, or full denture, Dr. Haupt may adjust it to fit over the implant site. Otherwise, do not wear your prosthesis until seen for your follow-up appointment.