Impacted Canines

Canine teeth, traditionally called eyeteeth or cuspids, play a key role in the positioning and alignment of all the remaining teeth. With their long and sturdy roots, they help straighten the front teeth and provide their final positioning. However, due to their long roots and natural path of eruption, they frequently become impacted and are unable to erupt through the gums.

Impacted Canines

Treatment for Impacted Canines

When canines are impacted, Dr. Haupt will work hand in hand with your orthodontist who will align the teeth and create space for the canine. Once the surrounding teeth are aligned and space is created, Dr. Haupt will perform an “expose and bond” of the canine.

Using specialized instruments, Dr. Haupt will gently remove gum tissue and/or bone around the impacted canine and attach a small bracket and chain to the tooth. Your orthodontist will then use traditional braces and orthodontic treatment to apply pressure to the chain and pull the canine into its appropriate position and alignment.

An expose and bond is one of the most common procedures for impacted canines, and the team at AVOS Dental Specialists utilizes the latest technology and surgical techniques to improve patient comfort and decrease healing time.

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